Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Reading Your Professional Anchor Skill?

Have you heard the news?  There is a skills gap! Yep, that's what's being reported through a variety of studies. In fact the skills gap is projected to widen in the next few years with incoming college graduates.

What's a skills gap? It's skills identified that employers say they need to get the business outcomes they desire but are lacking by those entering or currently in the work force. Though the list varies, there are some key themes.  Here's a pretty good list:  7 Soft Skills You Need To Get Hired In 2013
What is fundamental to all of these skills and other capabilities that contribute to career success is the ability to take in information aka read; and not just read, but read with skill! It's safe to say that those who know more (acquire relevant information) tend to have the advantage.

As a career coach a useful career tip is to make reading an anchor skill in your professional life. 

Total percentage of U.S. adults who are unable to read an 8th grade level book50%

To help you with that here are 15 tips on how to read better and faster.  They are easy to do and of course in attaching any of these tips to the 1% Edge philosophy, you'll certainly improve your mind and reading skill substantially within 70 days. Challenge yourself and...have fun!

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