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Go Mobile...Learn & Grow On The Go
It's time to free yourself from your computer monitor. It's time to leverage 21st century technology for your professional success!

Please read carefully...

What is it really time for?  Every employee taking 100% responsibility for their own professional development. The most important career advice you'll get - do not rely on your company to develop your professional competencies, which impacts your earning power = your maximized success!

Let's get real for a moment. There are leaders of companies that care and there are those that don't.  There are HR departments that care, but don't have the resources, approval from the powers that be, an understanding of what it really takes to develop talent, or the time to do something (many frankly are just overwhelmed).

Now, with all that said, combined with many of the fantastic capabilities that technology offers, it's time to take your professional development into your hands - and I mean that literally; hey....there's an app for that!

As someone who has taught thousands in my seminars across North America - it's clear folks need control, the economy is making things very competitive, and by golly...life is short! I am taking all the excuses out of not being able to be your professional best. This app contains a breath of content including 2 key, critical areas - professional effectiveness as an individual contributor (getting things done and making a success imprint) and management effectiveness (leading people in a way to get the best, intended results).

Professional success requires 2 essential components: what you know and what you do. This app is designed to help you do both. You need a meaningful, relevant knowledge base coupled with actions & capabilities that matter - today - not 5 years ago!

It's Simple
Download the app and second, learn how to use it as it's designed.  That's it! Here's where the excuses are really squelched...the app is free.  There you have it!

Now...let's get going. Download the app from your store; it's called The 1% Edge Portable Coach.

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