The 1% Edge Philosophy

This blog is based on the book, The 1% Edge - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness and it's counterpart - The 1% Edge - The Workbook - one of the best management tips book on the market!

This blog and that book is based on the belief that "a little bit, done consistently goes a long way" or the slight-edge rule, which I've coined the 1% edge.

I've experienced this in the age of the internet, blogs, and social media. If I can just learn a little bit each day; make learning a daily habit, or take this approach in addressing other areas of my life, I can get and maintain my professional edge and experience overall personal happiness and well being.

That is my intent for this site, so I invite you to subscribe. I promise you won't be barraged with useless stuff. Everything I post, I believe is worth your time to know, so that you too can keep your professional edge.

The Companion App
To assist in making this even easier, this blog now has a companion app - The 1% Edge Portable Coach, which is available on all smartphone platforms.  The app is designed to be a complete learning tool.  You can take notes while you listen (podcasts) or read a lesson, record a thought, share through your social media outlets. You'll also get learning prompts once a week via push notification.  Or, if you prefer, via RSS feed or email (set those up here: click here )

Besides the information on this site, it includes other targeted learning themes such as time management and human resources. Everything you need for your professional learning all in one place.  The bonus? ... if you need to connect with a coach you can do that through the app as well. If you complete the contact me form, I get immediate notification. Cool huh?

The 1% Edge - The Book
The source of these tips found in the book come from my full or 1/2 day seminars.  If you like the tips and the blog'll love the seminars and workshops and you'll want to bring them to your organization.

It is the interactive, coaching counterpart that continues the dialogue for those who have purchased the book(s), along with adding complimentary information to it.

Share your results, best practices and other strategies that have given you your 1%!
Even if you've not purchased the book, you'll find much value from this blog as you strive to maintain your professional edge, either in your career or as a manager.
Find your 1%!