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Introduction – The Power of 1%
A practical approach to management tips
In all the years that I’ve conducted seminars and workshops across the country, I’ve come to this conclusion:

It’s not about how much you know or the volume of knowledge you possess. But - is what you know relevant and is that relevant knowledge being applied to gain meaningful, intended results? (By the way, you always get results; the question is, are these results what you really wanted)?

I’ve also learned that great, relevant knowledge can come in small packages.  It could be one quote or one principle that when applied can gain significant results.

Consider this brief story:
I recall an executive coaching client several years ago who was seen as ineffective in his new role as vice president.In our initial meeting, one of the first items we discussed was what he considered to be the critical priorities that would substantially improve his effectiveness (mind you it wasn’t working more hours…he was working plenty).  We determined the most essential action was taking the time to plan.

You mean it was something as simple as applying one principle - taking the time to plan was the initial targeting solution? 

Believe it or not - yes! The simple act of planning his week and in that mapping in his schedule the most critical, non-negotiable actions that absolutely needed to happen to create meaningful results.
The result?...within just a few weeks his direct report saw a complete turn-around in his performance.

Awh….there’s the formula - one simple principle applied generated a significant, meaningful, intended result.
Therein lies the premise of this book.

I’ve taken many of my “small package” simple tips, principles, and how-tos and laid them out in a compact book format for your consideration.

This is a tool for targeted learning for busy professionals.  Targeted learning is intended to get at the meat or essence of something quickly…so it can be used just as quickly.

Additionally, this book is compact enough that you can carry it with you.

Consider this your portable coach!

This book is by no means exhaustive and it’s not intended to be so. It’s about getting started, and gaining results, and experiencing the power of one.

The tips are presented in categories; areas that you may want to target for development. Each area is what I consider a “high-impact” area.  High-impact means if there is growth in that area, there will be a greater measure of satisfying results.

This book is also designed for you to self-coach.  There is space on each page for notes, a draft action plan, and a name or names of those with whom you’ll want to share the information.  When you share information with others, it’s reinforced within yourself. 

If you'd like to have questions already written with expanded explanations of the tips, I published the companion workbook: The 1% Edge - The Workbook -https://www.amazon.com/1-Edge-strategies-management-effectiveness/dp/1453752331 and has more space to write - you can order both. 

The smaller, handbook version can be ordered here: https://www.amazon.com/1-Edge-strategies-management-effectiveness/dp/1453682007

In many cases the tips and principles can be used in managing your team and can help them develop and grow as well.

The mantra of this book?
Learn, plan, act, and pass it on….

My overall coaching tip:

Develop the habit of self-coaching. 
Those who coach themselves make better coaches for others.

When this book is used as intended, those who do will discover that learning and getting meaningful results does not have to cost very much.  The value is in the principle and the application of the principle, not the amount of money spent to acquire the principle.

My personal mission is to make learning and meaningful results affordable and accessible to anyone who really wants it!

Providing the valuable principle is my part, the application of the principle is yours.

I hope you’ll find it to be a meaningful partnership.

To your success!

The Categories included in this book: 
Table of Contents

Introduction – The Power of 1 %

Category 1 – The You Factor…7
Category 2 – Effective Communication…29

Category 3 – Employee Motivation…38

Category 4 – Managing Individuals…44

Category 5 – Managing by Group…62

Category 6 – Managing Productivity…74

Category 7 – Hiring…84

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