How To Use It

How To Use It

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Learning to Learn – The Learning Mindset
Can learning in a tip format make a difference?

You know, I think a lot of money is wasted in corporate training because people do not know how to learn as adults.

In the back bonus section of this book, there is a section entitled, If Only We Were Kids, which discusses the reality of adult learning.  If you have been in one of my many workshops across North America, you’ve heard about this.  And…if you’ve been in my workshops you know a review of it is part of the learning.

So, how do you get the most out of this “portable coach?”

Start with this mindset: “I am reading this to take action long enough to get my desired result.”
Our mind tends to play games with us.  Having the knowledge, possessing knowledge, sometimes gives us this delusional sense something is actually happening. 

That’s why, when we read part of a how to book, we might feel differently.  The “feeling” different, however, does not mean a tangible result has occurred.”

When reading through each page consider this view and ask yourself these questions:
1.     What is the principle?
2.     How will I practice this principle (with whom and in what context)?
3.     What will practicing this produce? What do I want it to produce?
4.     Who will I pass this on to?  Who can I teach this to or share this with?

Notice the “p” words in each of the 4 points:

 principle – practice – produce – pass on

This is an easy to use formula to make learning real and meaningful.

Additionally, I was serious about using the space provided on each page to take notes.  Write your reflections and formulate an application plan.  You may even want to consider setting up a separate notebook.

As a reminder, the workbook version has questions already laid out and is larger and may be easier to write notes and create a plan.