Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learning in Bites - A 1% Edge

Here's 3 things I know...(well I know more - but for now) keep your professional edge to maintain your professional success -  you need to keep learning.

Additionally, I know that acquiring relevant, meaningful information can be time consuming and daunting. And then finally, when you get that information it takes time to learn it (and this doesn't even count the time to apply it)!

One easy, simple way to engage in continuously learning is to learn in short bites. Whether it's a bite of text or a bite via audio or video.  It's amazing what you can learn in a very short period of time. A tip can have impact!

Here is a sample from my site - Seminar-in-a-Bite.  This site contains nuggets of learning from my longer full day workshops and seminars.

Test the theory - See what you can learn in a bite! 

Lesson: Enable vs Empower - Which Management Style Do You Have?

Coaching Tip: Learning in Bites in a great way to find and maintain your 1%!

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