Monday, April 2, 2012

A Simple Reminder for A Time Management Action - Delegate

Do You Delegate?

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This question applies to anyone.  But for the sake of this post, I'll use the context of managers in a work environment.

This is a great question to consider (and it's been asked a lot)! First let me say there are some things that should not be and those some things will be different for each person who reads this. 

Yet there are probably some things you could…possibly?..right? 

So here is the action challenge. Take a moment and begin 2 lists.  First list, those things that you could possibly delegate.  List #2:  The honest reasons why you don’t.

For many managers there are classic answers.  The most popular, “ In the time it takes me to teach it, I could do it myself.”  Now, though that’s true initially, in the long wrong it doesn’t save.

Off the cuff, here are three good reasons of many to delegate.
  1. You get to develop your staff – I call it “grow as you go”
  2. You get to, in the long run, free up time for more important work or at least reduce your stress.
  3. You get to build trust and rapport with your staff as you set yourself up as a coach/.
(…notice the phrase “you get”…lots of what’s in it for you here!)

SO HOW do you delegate effectively?
Here’s how…
1. Sit down and talk through the action
2. Have the employee repeat back to you their understanding of what needs to occur
3. Set agreed upon check points in which you will touch base to see how things are going so that there are not surprises at the end.  Then at those check points you can encourage, praise and provide corrective feedback as needed.

NOW…go forth and delegate! Delegating is a 1% edge strategy - even if it's just one task or responsibility!

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