Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do You Have Employees That Are Not Employed?

Employee engagement is a hot topic, HR buzz phrase these days.  When you think about it, those words together are redundant. 

When you check the definition of employ, part of the meaning is to be engaged;

1a. To engage the services of; put to work: agreed to employ the job applicant.
1b. To provide with gainful work: factories that employ thousands.
2. To put to use or service. See Synonyms at use.
3. To devote (time, for example) to an activity or purpose

All of the elements of this definition suggests that one's staff is being used, engaged in gainful work. Yet when I look at areas of ineffective management the result is exactly the opposite. In essence, employees are not being employed.

The irony? many organizations there are folks that are occupying space, but are not really employed. How about your staff?

Here are a few tips on "increasing employment" or in corporate speak performance management:
1. Set clear, expected outcomes (notice I didn't say goals)
2. Establish follow-up touch-points tightly enough where success can be coached 
3. Tie outcomes to a calendar or timeline

These tips follow a fundamental management practice: Tight accountability equals higher performance.

Want simple strategies to "employ" your staff more? Then you'll want to get the book: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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