Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do 1 Thing Different Series - #3

Do 1 Thing Different Series - #3 - Change How You Think About Time
Remember - What you think will dictate how you behave.

Reminder: This series is about doing or thinking differently - in just 1 way.

You know, we toss around the phrase time management a lot these days. And you can certainly find plenty of information on how to do it better. It seems just like one more thing to deal with in our professional and even personal lives.
With that said, I want to suggest a couple of new ways to view the subject of time management.
First, I think we would take this concept more seriously if we reframed the phrase and called it Life management. This is an essential time management tip! Time management IS life management! Personal time management IS personal life management. This just has a whole different ring to it.
In reality, time is life. One minute is a segment of our lives. You know…that’s a BIG DEAL. Five minutes go by – it can’t be captured again. It’s gone forever. Think about that. If we take that truth to heart I will venture to say we’ll manage our lives much differently.
How?… perhaps say no to the trivial more, not waste time thinking about things or situations we can’t change, assert our choice in how we spend our time at home.
Embracing this critical truth can impact so many meaningful areas.
Please do – the truth….time is your life.

Coaching Tip: If you don't change the way you see time - how you language it, you will not treat it differently or ask others to do so as well.  

Action: Post something in your work area that signals that your relationship to time has changed and where others can see it as well.

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