Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are You Relying on Your Memory to Track Your Success?

As humans we can tend to have memories and because we are human we can't remember every single event, let alone every single success. (By the way there are a few who do have that gift.)

But since most of us don't, here is the next best thing - keep a success journal. Or, if you're hung up on the word journal use the word log instead. Imagine the benefits of doing so!

On a psychological level, the very act of consistently recording nurtures a sustainable "success mindset."  I think it would be particularly useful as something to reference when things are not going the best.

Just think, the very act creates a habit of success; it's like being your own success coach.  It's also a strategy of career management, being a resource when negotiating a raise, and being more comprehensive when constructing a resume...so many benefits! Bottom line track and record your activity. Don't bank your career and financial success on your memory! This is a great career management tips!

If you want to go more digital - I use the Day One Journal - which is connected to all my mobile devices.  I love that it prompts me to record something.  Anything that is automated I consider a digital coach --take advantage of and use these kinds of products.

This insight of staying connected comes from a blog post from Ali Brown's blog. Here is the post in it's entirty entitled: “Stay Grounded and Connected with a Success Journal” by Ali Brown http://www.alibrown.com/blog/?p=1663

This blog is based this book. In it are actionable idea on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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