Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Managing Relationships - A Time Management Issue

I bet some folks who read that heading are thinking - what? Yep, there are many ways that relationships and the way we relate in our professional enviroment has time management implications.

One in particular is the time and attention given to the dynamics of relationships such as how we are treated in a meeting, or who is doing what to whom.  Can anybody relate?

More specifically I'd like to call our attention to over-personalizing situations in the office.  I believe that what can undermind our professional credibility is when we take something personal or make it personal - when it is not.  In many cases it's not about us, but some people make it so. And even if it is to some degree, going down the personalize road will only make it bigger than it is. How useful and productive can that be?

How we respond or engage in those kinds of situations could translate into a lot of unproductive time in thinking about it, talking about it with others (which impacts their time), and maybe behaving in ways that will later require clean up or something to be fixed (more time).

Again -- how you manage relationships at work is a time management issue and should be seen as a time management skill (among other kinds of skills).

So, use an achronym that many of my friends use and that is Q.T.I.P. it! That means Quit Taking It Personally. This is a great time management and productiivty tip. Hey, you could even buy some qtips and give them to team members -- pass them around your office.

A key question: How much time could be saved in a course of a month if we just detached ourselves from situations or said to ourselves, "Don't go there"...or decided not to give a situation any more attention? It's kind of like that saying, "Don't let people rent space in your head."

Whatever we need to say to ourselves, let's save time by managing how much thought time and emotion time we give to people and situations. Remember, how we interpret a situation is how we will  experience it.

Coaching Tip: Q.T.I.P. for 30 days - hey that could be our 1%

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