Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Power of One Mindset Can Help You Change Anything!

The 1% Rule and Habits - Can one tip matter?

The Power of One Mindset – The 1% Rule

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Did you know that you only have to improve by 1% a day to increase your effectiveness in 70 days!  This premise is connected to something called the slight edge rule.

That’s what makes the "power-tip" concept so valuable …one tip applied could equal that 1% and THAT could change your life?

How? One tip could represent changing one behavior.  One behavior could greatly impact an outcome in your life. 1% is a really big number when applied to getting the results you greatly desire!

Here’s an example.  Let’s say that you’d like to improve the relationship with your significant other or even your boss (which I guess is a “significant other” in a different kind of way), and you receive a communication tip that teaches you how to listen more effectively. When applied, effective listening will improve that relationship significantly because the person will feel heard….and the number one psychological need a person has is to be heard.

That’s one tip – one tip applied = significant improvement... see what I mean?
The key - it's just a little something done consistently over a period of time that turns into a significant something.  1% is very small and yet it's very big! ...and that’s the power of one!

Consider - what in your life is something you have been wanted to change but has also felt daunting. That feeling of daunting has caused you to hesitate or even overwhelmed you.  Here's your chance to apply the 1% principle and approach.

Let's say for example that you'd like to get healthier in some way.  Let's also say that drinking more water is of the recommended strategies for that.  You can set the goal to drink 1-2 more glasses of water a day.  That's it -- simple, but just a bit more than you're doing now.  

What will happen over time?  Drinking more water will become a habit and you'll experience the health benefits of doing so.  That's it -- approach change the 1% way.

So...what will you apply the 1% principle and approach to?  Let me know.  I'd love to hear what you're' working on and how your experiencing success!

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