Thursday, May 29, 2014

Did You Know You Can Have A Coach Anytime You Want?

Themes: On Line Coaching, Personal Coach, Performance Coaching

I've had the opportunity lately to be parked in my office and happily getting a lot of work done. That's my routine, when I'm not on the road speaking.

In 2014 I had some targeted areas I wanted to develop. These areas are elements addressing how I operate on the inside. I knew that in order to serve people in greater ways and to continue to grow my business these would need to be addressed.

I have personal develop practitioners I've been following for sometime and so I searched some of their latest stuff to see if they had something that could address my needs and low a behold there were several - one new person and one I've been following for the past year.  In both cases they have audios and writings I could download and access at my convenience.

One audio in particular, I have been playing at my desk as I work. While I work? ask.  Yes, because I know that even "half listening" to an audio on a conscious level still impacts the mind on a  subconscious level and it's been such a joy!

While working I get inspired, feed, and motivated!  I feel as if that person is sitting right next to me talking friend to friend - or personal coach to friend. I enjoy this person so much, I really would like to attend one of his weekend workshops, but my schedule just can't accommodate it at the moment.

So what's the next best thing?....having him at my desk or finger tips when I'm driving. Awwwh the power of portable learning or shall we say portable coaching!

Many of the things I think we take for granted and which are very affordable such as a book or audio such value!...all that wisdom and know-how between two pieces of cardboard or housed on a cut of plastic for so little cost!

Let's refresh our thinking as we use our learning resources.  Those authors are our personal coach. In the business world they are our performance coach; digitally they are our on line coaches.

And the good news?...coaching is very affordable and effective with the right mind set, framework, and usage.

By the way...this is my aspiration; to be a coach to someone else as all my coaches have been to me. I want to be accessible, affordable, and provide great value to anyone that comes across my path for help, whether it's via my information resources or 1/1 real-time coaching session.

What a privilege and honor to be in someone's life in that way.  For all of you who have allowed me that to date. I thank you!


  1. Anywhere you need to change - from organizing your life, to discovering your life purpose, to building a consistent devotional pattern - a coach will make you more likely to succeed.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Coaching has so much value from simply being a sounding board with a discerning ear to providing external accountability to get to where you want to go!