Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Illusion of Results

The Illusion of Results - Results Clarified
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“Results are the building blocks of your life…so make sure the ones you get are the ones you want.”

 Have you ever known someone who just seems to be super busy all the time? I bet you’d venture to say that if someone is busy they are getting results right? The answer is yes: Action produces results.

In fact actions of any kind will produce a result - behaviors always produce results - they just may not be the results you really wanted or initially intended.

Being busy, therefore, can sometimes be an illusion to the ultimate goal of getting targeted results (the right things done at the right time). Busy can even feel good and can keep you going in the direction that ultimately may not be what you really want.

In fact when you think about it, busy doesn’t necessarily translate into getting the “needed or desired” things done and yet, busy can even feel good.

So in the spirit of making this universal law work for you, you must take the time to identify exactly what results you really want.

At work ask yourself, “What results do I want from this day vs. what’s on my to-do list” (more on the “to-do” list later). How about creating a results list!

A result has a different feel and mindset than a to-do. The follow-up questions then are, “ How does my use of time match that?” “Is it time for a revised approach?…an updated career management or performance plan at work?”

Career management you say?  Yes, the results you get in a day of work translates into your performance, which turns into a composite of your career. On a larger scale, each result is a building block being laid now, which ultimately creates the future.

1% Edge Coaching Tip: Be results orientated vs. activity orientated -- see and evaluate your activity through the lens of results. What do you see?  How does it impact how you manage time?

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