Monday, June 2, 2014

The Power of One

The Power of Small – The Power of Simple - The Power of One

Have you ever considered that sometimes the simplest piece of advice or knowledge or action can create significant results?

I have found that as it relates to having the kind of life we want, the answer to that question has proven to be true!

I believe as human beings, sometimes we make things in our lives way more complicated than they are...and you know why?  Well, in many cases, we know the thing to do - the action to take - but there is something in us that is preventing us from doing so.  So we get mulled down in the situation, making it bigger and bigger. Yet, even with all the "bigger" it still comes down to the simple truth, the simple step or the one action that could change it.

I believe in the power of one - the power of simple so much, I decided that I wanted to provide just that in the context of management training and development. As someone who has worked in and been a student of personal development, management, leadership and performance management for well over 20 years, I have collected and gain a wealth of simple wisdoms, power tips and techniques, attitudes and mind-sets that could dramatically change people’s lives.  If only they just heard them, adopted them as their own where appropriate and took action on them. Now with the release of the book The 1% Rule,  now they can!

Here’s an example:
I recall an executive coaching client several years ago who was seen as ineffective in his new role as vice president. In our initial meeting, one of the first items we discussed was what he considered to be the critical priorities that would substantially improve his effectiveness (mind you it wasn’t working more hours…he was working plenty).  We determined the most essential action was taking the time to plan.

You mean it was something as simple as taking the time to plan – taking control of his schedule?

Believe it or not - yes! The simple act of planning his week and in that mapping in his schedule the most critical, non-negotiable actions created tangible results.  Within just a few weeks his direct report saw a complete turn around in his performance.

See…there it is! The simplest tip, technique, thought or action DOES improve people’s lives!

Did you know that we only have to improve by 1% a day to double our effectiveness in 70 days?  See, it's just a little something over a period of time that turns into a significant something.  1% is very small!

You know, in our very busy lives – that’s encouraging.  With all that's going on in our day-to-day existence, I believe we can all do a little "something".  That's what I call - the power of thought, one action, and the attitude could make all the difference and we can all do one!

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