Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Webinar - How To Deal With Difficult Employees

FREE - 3 Part Webcast Series - How To Deal With Difficult Employees

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Nothing matters more than having a productive, talented workforce. It’s the source from which the vision of every leader is realized.  As a leader, it’s so satisfying! Yet there are times, when a small number of employees can sour that satisfaction, fellow team members and ultimately profits!

Difficult employees are an ongoing challenge in our companies today. There is sea change of social and economic influencers that are adversely impacting the 21st century worker. (For example, a study recently released indicated that emotional intelligence is on the decline).  As a manager and leader, you experience daily the results of these influencers. You also witness the negative ripple effect to every aspect of a business and it’s stakeholders.

If this resonates with you, then you must also feel an imperative to equip yourself and your organization with the appropriate strategies and tools to successfully address these challenges. If so, join us for a 3 part webcast series on How To Handle Difficult Employees. 

The knowledge and how to this series offers can substantially affect the capability and competency of your leaders and managers. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable knowledge for the best price ever - free!

What you will gain: 
-increased confidence and competence
-reduced stress
-increased protection from potential liability
-increased retention
-additional building blocks to strengthen your talent management infrastructure
-practical strategies that your human resource department will love
heightened respect from those you lead
-tools to assess the behavior dynamic
-knowledge and know-how to protect your bottom line

You will learn:
Part 1 - 
-What is difficult
-The difference between difficult and different
-Why “difficult” employees exist
Part 2 - 
-Key principles of human behavior that every manager needs to know
why emotional intelligence is a key factor
-A 5 step process to assess any challenging situation
-Simple ways to minimize difficult behavior
Part 3  -
-The role of coaching in impacting behavior
-Leadership insights that can make or break the ability to influence
-The role team culture plays in allowing or minimizing difficult behavior
-How to measure and calculate the financial impact
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