Monday, October 20, 2014

Are You Passive or Purposed With Your Time?

The subject of time management is one that I just can't get enough of not only because doing it expertly is essential to the level of success in my business, but it's also one of those things that is not mastered all in one shot, but the mastery of it is an ever evolving experience.

With that in mind, here's another time management insight for your consideration. Greater success in time management cannot be achieved until you are aware of how you function in situations by answering this question "Are you passive or purposed?"

Here's an observsation I've made related to myself and others and I'll use the context of work for this example. When I'm sitting at my desk or enter into my day, the days when I see clearly that my schedule is packed, I don't have a moment to spare, I tend to act and feel more purposed.

In fact the use of time has been purposed and when that occurs I act, feel, and interact with people differently through-out the day. I tend to be more assertive, time aware with each interaction, and even faster in the execution of certain tasks.

On the other hand, when my schedule is lighter - meaning less fixed items present, I tend to act more casual, work slower, when someone calls I may not screen it as closely,'s what's key, I allow someone else to take the lead in how my time will be used. In essence I am passive in that context.

Now we all need days that are low key, less intense and pressurized, but for many the passive approach is the norm or workstyle by which they function. In order to manage time effectively being passive or non-purposed as a practice will only lead to not getting things done, being over worked, being taken advantage of, critical deadlines being missed, more stressd... and much much more.

A key time management tip therefore is to be clear on the answer to this question, "Am I more purposed or passive in how I conduct my day?" This question can be used at home and at work.
Knowing the answer will give you clarity on your time management approach aka "I may not have one."

On a final note, I do believe there are days where we can and should have a more passive approach; it allows for spontaneity and a bit of refueling while still getting some things done. The key is to be aware enough to make the choice.

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