Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is Money Management Part of Your Career Management?

Several years ago, I was conducting a workshop on Emotional Intelligence. An attendee approached me initiating a discussion regarding the emotional intelligence of her boss. As she revealed the details of what clearly was a painful emotional and mental experience, I asked the most obvious and logical response to her story "Why don't you quit?" She desperately responded, " I can't afford to!"

I responded to myself, "In theory, you can't afford not to!" As she shared, she disclosed that the dynamics with her boss were so bad, she was getting physically ill. She was experiencing headaches and developing gastrointestinal issues.

That conversation years ago was a defining moment for me as a career coach. Up until that point I've never encountered a client who was in a situation that personally destructive. And though there were all sorts of coaching points regarding how she could be managing her responses differently in a highly dysfunctional environment, by the time I'd learned of her situation, the dismantling of her health and wellness had begun.

From that memorable moment forward, I vowed to include the message of financial planning in my initial coaching assessment. It pains me deeply to hear people enduring terrible, unhealthy work environments because they can't afford to quit.  I say, "Never, if you can at all avoid it, be in a position where you are held hostage to these kinds of situations because of money."  Also consider that this scenario is more prevalent with women than men.

So, I consider financial planning a partner to career planning and management. 
Career management tip: Money management is a career happiness partner.

A colleague reached out to me recently and shared this: 
" As a working-age woman, I was surprised to learn from a recent CNBC article that only 53% of us have started planning for retirement compared to 65% of our male peers!"

Today is Women's Business Day (Sept. 22). Whether you are male or female, I invite you to adopt the life impacting message of this post -- career planning and financial planning go hand in hand.

And just when you think it might cost you, consider this resource for free tools from Personal Capital - click here to learn more about their retirement planner tools.  Never be in position where you have to put money above your health.

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