Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Best Career Advice You'll Ever Receive!

It's the activity most adults are familiar with. It's time for a job search and therefore, it's time to "get a resume" together. For many, just the thought of it produces the proverbial, "Ugh!" It's like having to construct your life history all at once, all from scratch. It feels like torture! Well...when approached that way, it is!

On top of that, memories are dicey. They are unreliable and therefore are not your best companion in the endeavor to present the best of you on paper to a prospective employer.

Therefore, this is one of the most important articles you'll ever read addressing effective career management. Please do not be the person who tries to see and sell all of their talent through the lens of a single sheet resume constructed with shoddy memories.

To avoid that -- to stop under representing yourself, activate these tips in your life immediately!

1. Keep track of your job experience through a job journal. Not only is this extremely beneficial when resume writing is needed, it's great for your performance reviews. This is your memory bank -- on paper!

Additionally, as you're keeping track try to quantitate what you're doing so that you can express accomplishments and value in your work (this kind of information should be a highlight of your resume). 

"xyz project was completed 3 days ahead of time."
"the successful event was put together $2,000.00 under budget."
"I saved a customer from going to a competitor -- that saved us x dollars."

2. Pay attention to what you really enjoy doing -- what gives you high levels of satisfaction. It's easiest to identify this when you're in the act of doing it! Looking at levels of satisfaction is not necessarily by job title or description, but job functions. Ask yourself, "What in my job, do I like doing?" Notice the level of enjoyment or satisfaction and even rate it on a scale of 1-5 for future decision-making. For this tip, it's not about the job description, but what you do in the job that you want to pay attention to.

This tip is one of the most important I can give you. It is the most essential in crafting a meaningful career experience. When I'm career coaching I ask, "What did you most enjoy doing in previous roles?" Many can't remember or don't recall accurately, particularly when you have to recollect from several years past.  The inability to do so contributes to perpetually choosing jobs that you will not fully enjoy, bring nominal meaning and will keep you on a quest for what you deem as the ideal job.

As you can gather, these critical tips are not one time activities but ongoing practices. In fact I call them career management habits!  Are you in the habit of... 
  • Tracking your experience?
  • Paying attention to what truly brings your enjoyment?
  • Quantifying your contribution and value?
These habits are essential elements to achieving career success. They are the best career management tips you'll ever get!

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  1. Your blog is clear reflection of your mind and your beautiful personality.That's true little things matter a lot sometimes in life but we often neglect them.I liked your blog so much.