Friday, November 12, 2010

Management Training & Coaching - The 21st Century Way

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November 12, 2010
Just Added: Mobile Coaching!

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Currently in free beta format

Now no one can say I can't afford to learn and get help to develop my professional skills! Test it and tell me what you think!

Currently in beta, this is an effort to provide coaching at your finger tips.  How does it work?  2 times a week (that's it - not everyday) you will receive a strategically worded text that will be a how-to tip, an inspirational insight, a coaching question, or a power principle to apply to managing your career or developing your skills as a manager.

In the next few months, a link will be included that will lead to aLearning Page.  Each Learning Page will be a theme for a month, which will help and encourage you to focus on one area of knowledge for a cycle of 30 days.

My Portable Coach
 is not about random learning, but will provide continuity, continuous learning, reminders and well...coaching.  It's a serious attempt to combine 21st century technology with the fundamental principles of adult learning.  It's relevant, meaningful training and coaching all in one!  Welcome to 21st training!

Additionally, this supports the premise of my latest release - The 1% Edge.

SPECIAL NOTE: During the first 30 days of this new launch, there will be about 1 text a week to give a chance for subscribership to grow.  Because of that it's currently free.

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