Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do You Have a Holiday Stress Management Plan?

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I know that sounds like an odd questions...believe or not, we need one!  The holidays are fast approaching and without a plan we are likely to get caught in the whirlwind of the season.

Here are some easy and essential tips to have a successful and less stressful holiday season.  What - you said a “successful holiday season?” Yep, I think it’s useful to think of it in those terms. Let’s use the word success vs. stress.

And that leads to Tip 1 – take the time to decide what you’d like the holidays to be like both in a professional and personal context.  Step back and assess your holiday experiences in the past. Be honest with yourself as you determine what worked for you and what didn’t.

Tip 2 – Make A Plan – Create a Holiday Success Map – this entails how you’d like it to go.  It could include what invitations you’ll accept and which ones you won’t, how you’ll manage all the eating and exposure to the wonderful goodies that will be at your fingertips, how much you will or won’t spend, as well as managing family engagements.  (Not everyone reading this post has had Norman Rockwell holiday experiences in the past).

The key is to predetermine expectations and limitations so that you craft the holiday experience that is right for you and are not swept up in the flow of other peoples wants and plans for you (that you might resent or regret latter). 

The key to minimizing stress is to create conscious decisions that are in your best interest while balancing the needs and desires of others.

Just like everyone needs his or her own definition of success.  Everyone needs his or her own Holiday Success Plan.

Let’s make this our best holiday season ever!

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