Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reinvention Radio Interview - Listen or Download

Thanks to Steve Ohlser for having me as a guest.  We discusses principles of success and the 4 Challenges to Career Reinvention.  He also has a great intro story. Note: The dead time reflects the commercial break.

Reinvention Radio – Guests Sharon Wyeth and JoAnn Corley

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Reinvention Radio Guest Sharon WyethSharon Wyeth

Sharon Wyeth, former educator and school administrator, is the creator of Neimology – the revolutionary study of how names and the placement of letters affects who you are. Author of Know The Name; Know The Person: Decoding Letters To Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names, Sharon can help you reinvent your life based on what you’ve been carrying around since the day you were born… your name!
Want Sharon to translate what your name means? Email us at info@reinventionradio.com or call in! For more information, please visit www.KnowTheName.com.

Reinvention Radio Guest JoAnn CorleyJoAnn Corley

JoAnn Corley is the co-author of Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Success and a catalyst for innovative thinking. She is a dynamic speaker and has spoken in every major U.S. city. Her insight is singular and will absolutely help you reinvent your career, your frame of mind, and your life.
For more information, please visit www.joanncorley.com.

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