Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing a Free - Mini-Series - Learn to Manage

Topic Focus: Management Training, Learning to Manager, Management Coaching

Here is the truth related to managing and management training: these days it's pretty challenging and even more so, when you've not had any training at it.

Unless a comprehensive management training is offered at a company (and that is usually in the case of larger companies with more financial resources), it is all over the board. It's somewhat accessible, inconsistent and has little if any continuity. And, in some cases it's dated information; not relevant to the unique demands of the 21st century workplace.

I am bound and determined to change that.  For those who want help, I want to give it to them.

Over the course of the next few months, I'll be putting together a management training & coaching program. It will be meaningful, help create results, have some unique features/qualities, have continuity and be relevant....AND....it will be affordable.

Also, it's for anyone.  No matter how long you've been a manager - anyone can benefit from it.  If you know of someone who needs or wants this - please pass it on.

If you have any questions regarding your experience with this free mini-series, don't hesitate to contact me or post to this site: joann@joanncorley.com.

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To your success!

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