Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Twist on Having Stuff - Have More of It!

Every morning I get to wake up to a wonderful gift in my email called Daily Dose.  They are challenging, inspirational, and chalked full of rich wisdom.  Daily Dose is written by an internet friend, Linda Fitzgerald, who also started an online-offline group call Affiliated Women International.

I found this morning a great Daily Dose regarding the concept of stuff.  I love that word.  I use it alot in my classes on getting organized.  I am usually talking about how to manage your stuff and mostly get rid of lots of it.  In fact I use the phrase, "less is more."

This morning, however, Linda offered a much different take on stuff - one definitely worth sharing.

Here is - a new take on stuff!
Thanks Linda!

Enriching Women WorldWide - One Neighborhood at a Time!

A message to all members of Affiliated Women Intltm

This a.m. I was responding to an email about bringing "stuff" for the gift baskets at our Indy charitable event tomorrow.. The slang phrase "Stuff It" ran across my brain.
We usually think of these words strung together as a derogatory comment to someone who irritates us. I used to say it to my daughters when they got a bit "lippy".

But here's why I'm using it for today's Daily Dose:  I believe - no I know that each of us has been "stuffed" with more native ability, talent & skill than we can ever imagine!  I know we can become the woman we're intended to become. I know we can do anything we set our heart/mind to do.

So let me suggest that today, you begin to get acquainted with your "stuff". That you haul it out, examine it, let it 'speak' to you about how valuable you are & how it is part 'n' parcel of that value.

Then don't "stuff it" back into hiding.  Put it to work. Use it.  Most of all, let others see your "stuff" - the "stuff" of which you are made!  The world needs your "stuff"!

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