Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 1% Edge is Now a 1 Day Seminar!

I have to credit a client for giving me this idea. She loved the book so much that she asked me to craft a seminar around the book. It's been so much fun putting it together! There will be a formal announcement about that later.

Additionally after conducting a management training for another client who bought the book for all her managers, in coordination with the book,  I am sending e-coaching reminders tied to the key themes in the book - 7 themes/categories - 7 follow-ups.

The whole purpose of the book is offer meaningful concepts and actions items that really can make a difference if genuinely applied; and thus I consider them "power tips or power strategies."  These will be part of the post as well.

So, I'd like to share those with you over a period of posts.  And if you haven't gotten the book yet,  the link is below and the workbook version (expanded explanations with coaching questions) is
also on Kindle.

Management Moment
E-follow up #1
These e-reminders are also included in your book The 1% Edge - the topic and pages are referenced at the end of each tip. The book is designed to record thoughts, notes, and most importantly an action plan. Use it fully as your self-coaching guide.

Topic: The YOU Factor - Are You Committed?
Remember our conversation about really wanting to be a manager? Consider this encouragement to again, be honest with yourself. Embrace and recommit to being a manager 100% and with that review your MOP (management operating philosophy). If you haven't completed it, here's your reminder and if you haven't posted it where you can see it everyday - this week is the time to complete that action.

Power Tip: Be honest - do you really want to be a manager?  You won't be your best unless you are really honest and commit whole heartedly to the role you've been entrusted with.

Book reference: Section 1 The You Factor - Pages 15 & 18

Complimentary Lessons from the Brown Bag Bite Site: 
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Do You Really Want To Be One? Are You Caught in the Management Dilemma?

This blog is based on this book. In it are actionable ideas on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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