Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ever Heard, "There is a Book Inside of All of Us?"

With the upcoming release of my next book, I'm being asked about what it takes to write. Many express their desire to do so, but are stalled by overwhelm and not knowing where to start.

A while back I ran across a blog post entitled, "How to Write a Book in 40 Days." I've had it for sometime so I don't have the source, but here it is. And by the way, one of the many reasons I love this is it follows the principle of the 1% edge - a little bit done consistently goes a long way. Following the information is also a link to Create Space, the self publishing arm of Amazon.

Is there a book brewing inside you?

How to Write a Book in 40 Days
1. Create a working title which represents your basic premise or theme, Example: "Marketing to People Whom You Thought You Couldn't: How to make every stranger a potential customer."

2. Create ten chapter titles (or 12 or 14, but I like 10). Example:
a. The art of marketing
b. The obvious targets
c. The non-obvious targets
d. How to create irresistible appeal
e. The lead pipeline and how to fill it
f. Never losing a lead
g. Killing prospects with value
h. Closing the sale before anyone knows it
i. The rare and lost art of the referral sale
j. Customers for life

3. Create four or five key points for each chapter. Example:
d. How to create irresistible appeal
i. Luring people to you
ii. Identifying the emotional "trigger"
iii. Providing buying options
iv. Unique value propositions vs. the competition

4. Write five pages for every key point and you'll have a 20-25-page chapter.With 10-12 chapters, including front material, appendices, and index, you'll have a 225-300-page manuscript (which would be about a 200-250-page book,enough for hardcover).

5. You're done. If it takes you one hour, for instance, to complete one of those key points, it will take you about four hours to complete a chapter, and 40 hours to complete a book. If you feel I'm conservative, then double it, but you're still talking about 80 hours, which can be two hours of writing a day over two months or so.

So, if you're really intent upon a book and are at sea about how to begin it, use my formula and get cracking. It's worked for me 21 times, so I just might be on to something.

Self publishing resource:
This blog is based on this book. In it are actionable ideas on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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