Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do You Have a Meeting Philosophy? The CEO of Google Does

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I would say one of the consistent complaints I hear as I travel across the country conducting the seminar Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed are how meetings are such a waste of time! And as we know...time is a key commodity in getting the results needed that lead to profits.

So...if this is an issue in your organization - take some advice from Larry Paige, the CEO of Google.  After I read this I thought, "Awwh...and this is why they are where they are." (One of the most dominate companies on the planet.)

I also thought - this is leadership! Larry issued a company wide letter giving guidelines on meetings.

Here they are:

  • Every meeting must have one clear decision maker. If there's no decision maker -- or no decision to be made -- the meeting shouldn't happen.
  • No more than 10 people should attend.
  • Every person should give input, otherwise they shouldn't be there.
  • No decision should ever wait for a meeting. If a meeting absolutely has to happen before a decision should be made, then the meeting should be scheduled immediately.
The source article also stated a useful insight. "These rules sound like common sense, but they often disappear as companies get large and people call meetings more for political or ego-boosting reasons than to actually get anything done."

Today's coaching tip: How about using Larry's advice and modeling his leadership...nuf said. :-)

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