Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HR Bites - Need To Know Information on Workforce Trends

HR Bites
Purpose in This New Segment:
In the spirit of the 1% Edge - 1 bite of information can make a difference in helping my fellow HR colleagues maintain their professional edge.

Today's Bite: Comment on millions of jobs in the U.S. going unfilled...

"The Information Age and The Cyber-Mental Age. Prior to the Cyber-Mental Age (2010), we had a large percentage of jobs that required only minimal literacy and numeracy. Now, over 50 percent of the jobs require high levels of literacy and numeracy, plus critical thinking, communications and computer skills. Only about 27 percent of the US workforce has these abilities." (My comment as an HR-training & development professional - this is a trending challenge!)

Source: An interview with Ed Gordon, a futurist specializing in career and technical education. Author of the Winning the Global Talent Showdown-(Berrett-Koehler, 2009)

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