Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Have a Management Success Plan?

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Coaching Lesson:  Target Your Management Success
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Management success is not random.  This is a worthwhile reminder and if you or members of your management team do not have one, now is as good a time as any to devise one.

As you do so, consider the following "mini-lessons" in contemplating your management success!

If you are a manager reading this post, I encourage you to create a plan of how you want to and will be more successful this year. In this ever changing economy, this is an essential career management strategy.

A plan is a target. I heard it once said, "Most people aim at nothing and hit it amazingly well." A plan is a bull's eye!

Management Success Planning
Need some help?  I have compiled a list entitled What I Wish Every Manager Knew.  Feel free to use this list as your checklist of knowledge points and capabilities. Access here:
1. What do I know? What do I need to know more of or about? Do I have knowledge gaps?
2. What am I doing? What do I need to start doing?

In the spirit of helping, I invite you to use this site to support you in your quest. Check back here regularly for new lessons/podcasts and something new at this site - Mini Courses via podcast.

Additionally, you may want to consider performance coaching.  You can learn more at this link - Performance Coaching 

Management Success - Mini Course #1
Building A Foundation
Lesson 1 - Behind Every Team is a Great Coach
Lesson 2 - The Management Dilemma - Do You Really Want to Be One? 
Lesson 3 - What the Heck is Management & Am I Doing It?
Lesson 4 - New Roles for Managers 
Lesson 5 - Manager as Developer 

Coaching Tip: To maximize your usage of these bite-size podcast lessons, start a training & development 3 ring binder for yourself. Print the lessons for additional notes you'll want to write and download the mp3 into your mobile device for on demand, "at your finger tip" reviews.

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