Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Power of Rapport

Interviewing & Rapport – An Excellent Example
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I love this story and example of rapport. Beyond interviewing, rapport is essential to career success!

Using Rapport Building to Get a Job in 1 Hour! - My Actual Story

Many years ago, when I went to an interview for the post of sales manager in one of the Grade A companies, I expected the person interviewing me to be professional and was expecting someone who wears a tie and jacket.

I went for the interview in my best suit, with the most expensive tie and waited patiently in the meeting room. There came an old man, wearing a short sleeve shirt, no tie, and his hair is not even combed properly. He told me he is the boss of the company. I quickly undressed my suit and took out my tie, folded up my sleeves with his permission and mentioned that we will have a better conversation this way.

During the interview, he occasionally stands up, puts his hands in his pocket and walks to the window and speaks to me with his body facing the window.

I stood up, walked to the window, with my hand in my pocket and talked to him with my body facing the window!

Within the next 20 minutes, he was talking about his family and children and I was also talking about my family and children too…

He also talked about some issues on stock market and I also shared my views on the stock market. Within the next 1 hour, he offered me the job on the spot!

How’s that with the Magic of Rapport!

Use it carefully, use it wisely, you can turn the impossible into possible!

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