Monday, September 17, 2012

Happiness - Your Human Resource

Sept. 17, 2012 - Editors Notes: This post first appeared on June 25.  The e-book is finally available (on Kindle) and its only $2.99 (get nothing for promoting it - except love and admiration for a dear
Here is the link: The 7 Secrets of Happiness

This week's InFocus (see tab in app) coaching theme is happiness. It's a provocative look at how our individual happiness impacts our work life as both an individual contributor and leader-manager.

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I'm partnering with my dear colleague Alan Allard on this week's coaching theme. He in fact is putting the finishing touches on he's soon to be released e-book on happiness.  Here is the opening commentary along with an interview on what prompted Alan to write the e-book. The app includes 3 additional elements to answer the question...

The Interview

What It Takes To Be Happy

by Alan Allard
I don't think I've ever had a client come to me for therapy or coaching who said they wanted my help to be happier. Now that I think about it, I'm sure it's never happened; meaning, they've never said those words.

Clients have asked for a lot of things; to end their depression, to make more money, to find work they love, to save a "failing" relationship, to "lose weight," to improve their management or leadership skills, to increase their sales and the list goes on.

But don't all those things have a lot to do with happiness? If you think about it, most (if not everything) we do is motivated or connected to our desire and quest to feel happy, to be happy. We may use other words to describe what we are going after, such as "fulfillment," "meaning," "self-esteem," "gratitude," or "contentment," but they all are connected to the goal of being happy.

I wasn't taught growing up that happiness was all that important. Meaning, I didn't hear much at all about the importance of happiness in my family growing up, school, college, graduate school or in the church I was brought up in. I learned a lot of things; not so much about happiness. Sure, I was taught that the bill of rights stated every human being had the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," but that was about it!

If the subject of happiness is important to you, let's explore it together. Over a series of posts, let's talk about it. I'll share my thoughts and you share yours by leaving a comment or question. Anything is fair game. Happiness and self-esteem, happiness and money, happiness and beliefs, happiness and behavior, happiness and morality, happiness and career success, happiness and sexuality, happiness and relationships, happiness and spirituality and so on.

What would you like to know about happiness?

What do you already know you would like to share?

There is a lot to say for happiness and about happiness, so let's begin!

Let me know you thoughts on the topic....To your success! JoAnn

Ebook link: The 7 Secrets of Happiness - $2.99 on Kindle
PART 2: Here is my part 2 of this topic: 

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  1. Thanks for the comment...a lot of happiness is in the little things...

  2. How do you accept happiness rather than look for the other shoe to drop? It feels like there might be a perception twist that eludes me

  3. Perhaps you can also see it as a conditioned state of mind ....habit of thinking can change how and what you think with the same brilliant capability of conditioning that was used to create your current thinking patterns.