Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Power of NO!

The Power of No - Practice Saying It More
Do you want to enhance the quality of your life?  You may need to say "no" more often.

This is a quest post from my Linda Fitzgerald, founder of AWI and collaborator of the newly released self-development journal Love Notes from the Heart, of which I am contributing author.

Here is a bit of wisdom from my dear friend:

Wednesday evening I opt-ed out of a project that had been near and dear to my heart! After weeks of mentally wrestling with the involvement, I determined that it was one thing I needed off my plate headed into 2013. There were some extraneous reasons that participated in the decision but basically it came down to what do I need to focus on going into the future that will advance the causes as I so desire!
Basically it came down to "FOCUS". What can I realistically and practically 'focus' on going forward that synergistically relates to the goals and objectives we want to achieve for the organization.
If we are going to arrive at the destination for which we are designed; then we will have to give up things that distract us along the way. Good things mind you; but extraneous to our ultimate outcome. Many times we will have to give up a lot! But then nothing of true value comes without sacrifice of something else of equal or greater value.
The road to our GREATNESS is strewn with glitter that catches our eye and invites us to veer from our chosen path to follow the bright, shiny object. Most of the time that's not a good thing, because that which promises a shortcut to our dreams is rarely more than an attractive distraction designed to keep us from our 'date with destiny'.
Here's my take on FOCUS:
1). Determine your path
2). Set before you the outcome you want
3). Have a clear vision of how to get there
4). Set clear and precise objectives to achieve your desired outcome
5). When bright shiny objects seek attention; don't turn away
6). Take moments of your time to examine the object that draws your attention
7). Ask if it has 'synergy' with your ultimate outcome - in other words does it have the capacity to 'sync' with the
objectives you've laid out in ways that 'fall into place' rather than draw you away
8). Step away from any emotion surrounding the object-that-pulls
9). Realistically and practically assess
10). If your determination is it's nothing more than mush, then make the tough decision to walk away
In the grand scheme of your journey to GREATNESS, the most valuable companion may well be the ability to discern, detect and then FOCUS. Focus on that which promises nothing more than to move you one step closer to the goal!

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