Friday, November 30, 2012

YOU Are The Key to Your Own Balance

Our guest blogger - Glen Gaugh - provides his final in a series of 4 insights into #professional success and #balance.  Thanks again Glen for a great series!
Balance Within Balance- Addressing the Mental, Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual
The previous three posts in this series were directed mostly at relational aspects of balance between home and work. This post will focus on you, the individual, who must be at the top of your game in order to balance relationships in every sphere of life. The only link between all of your family, social, and professional connections is YOU. Consequently, you are the fulcrum of this balancing act.

Picture a set of scales with you in the middle - can you feel the weight that must be centered on your shoulders? Perhaps, it doesn't feel pleasant. 

So let's look at it differently- lets picture a wheel in which you are at the center. More specifically, a set of wheels, each one inside of the next representing different spheres of life, each rotating around you (as the common link, not the center of the world, unfortunately). Sometimes these wheels are spinning in opposite directions concurrently, sometimes interfering with one another. Every so often, all of them may be going in the same direction, but not all the time. It is the movement (and demands) of these wheels that creates the ever-present tensions, healthy or otherwise, in life.

We all could name these wheels very specifically, but I am going to generalize them to four that are common for most people:
  • Physical- eating right, sleeping right, getting exercise, checkups.
  • Mental- stimulating conversation, new challenges, problem solving, reading.
  • Emotional- satisfying relationships, taking time to smile, catching up on hobbies, taking some down time.
  • Spiritual- faith practices, prayer, meditation, worship service or observance, traditions, reflection.
This is a brief and general list. I am not writing prescriptively- but I do write to say that these areas of life exist, and they are important in this way: congruence in these areas is essential to balance

One of the most out-of-balance experiences we can have is not living out of our values and beliefs. Nothing increases stress more than feeling like you are not living what you believe. 

Consider these questions...
What is stopping you? Toxic thoughts cause unwanted emotions. How do you let go? Not exercising your faith or practicing your moral beliefs in everyday life leads to dissatisfaction. Where is the disconnect? Taking care of your body is a stated goal but action does not follow. What is your motivation?

"I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles." Zig Ziglar.  

May you have many success stories across the breath and span of your life!

Editor's Comments: I  really appreciate Glen's series that asks us to put balance on our radar.  For many us, driving through our days...our lives leaves little time or desire for reflection. Yet, that's exactly what's needed.  I recommend you take the time to reflect on the questions Glen provided above. 

Also, be keenly aware of the fact that if you're not feeling well, in any of the 4 areas - your body will let you know.  Pay attention to it and solicit help where needed!

If you do really struggle with the skill of balance, you may need some practical advice.  If so, you'll want to get the book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - how to manage your time, space, & priorities, to work smart, get results & be happy. It available in these formats:  Kindle - The Book - Nook Audio Book -  The Seminar .......Or book a coaching session - email me if you have a question: - to your health happiness and success!  JoAnn

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4. You are the balance in the balance!

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