Saturday, January 5, 2013

13 Key Strategies For Career Management Success

12 Ways To Manager YOUR Career
Guest Curation written by .  This is a great checklist-guide for career management and career development that I wanted to share with my readers. I added one more and that's why it's 13. :-)
I recommend you print off and use to assess where you're at as a new year activity and then create a plan to grow in the areas that are lacking. Perhaps we could add a subtitle a guide to career success!
  1. Establish positive work relationships with those around you. It’s up to you to take the initiative.
  2. Know your organization’s goals and purposes, so you can help to achieve them.
  3. Build a network of constructive, successful people in your workplace, and communicate with them frequently.
  4. Build a relationship with your boss based on genuine mutual interests, abilities and goals.
  5. Establish a reputation for reliability by completing assignments well and on time.
  6. Record and communicate your contributions. They are the building blocks of your career.
  7. Recognize the contributions of others.
  8. Never present a problem without suggesting a constructive solution.
  9. Your greatest strengths are your passport to career. Practice them, build on them, and plan your career around them.
  10. Continue to build and maintain your career contact network.
  11. Continue your personal and professional growth.  Never be without a goal.
  12. Remember:  There is always a NEXT STEP!
My comment to Renee:
Excellent advice Renee!  As a fellow Career Advisor, I particularly like the one of recording , tracking what you do.  Too many folks rely on their company/boss to do this for them via appraisals/performance reviews, which we know is sorely inadequate.  

I would also add - #13: Identify and build credible rapport with the "power players" within a company. Sometimes it's not your boss.  Power players are those who others listen to - those who have influence and may be able to advocate for you and/or your ideas.


Renee E. Shull is the CEO and Founder of Integrated Play, a company that specializes in handling aspects of athletes' and individuals' careers sometimes overlooked by agents or teams with overflowing rosters or company downsizing. 
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