Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Practical Goal Setting - Use A Goal Workbook

Go "old school"  by making goal setting tangible and's how:

A powerful way to speed up the achievement of your goals is to create a Goals Workbook. Use a 3-ring binder, a scrapbook or a journal and then create a separate page for each of your goals. 

Write out a goal at the top of the page, then illustrate it with pictures, words and phrases that depict your goal as already achieved. Take time each day to visualize in a way that evokes the feelings of what you're picturing with great intensity.

As new goals emerge just add them to your list and your workbook. Then review the pages of your book at minimum weekly.

This practice adds to the sensory experience of working with your goals. It's not only visual, but kinesthetic and tactile. That level of engagement impacts your subconscious, which stimulates thoughts, ideas, activities, motivators and opportunities in relation to what you're shooting for.

Now, I know you can do a "digital version".  Yet, I suggest you will not get the same sensory experience! Heightening the sensory experience is the advantage to this recommended practice.

Notice the word "workbook".  This is more than just writing out goals, but preparing a place to work with them and embed them into your daily-weekly living. 

This enhanced practice makes them hard to ignore or forget and greatly increases the likelihood that they will be met!

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