Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 1% Edge - Use Ringtones

INSPIRATIONAL & MOTIVATIONAL RINGTONES... a strategy for your success...

Jan. 15, 2013:  Over the next several months, I will be developing a series of inspirational and motivational ringtones to use - all in the spirit of the 1% edge of course. 

What does a ringtone have to do with the 1% edge you might ask? Well, a ringtone is something you hear regularly and anything that you hear regularly gets embedded in your subconscious...and anything embedded in your subconscious contributes to your emotional and behavioral conditioning.

So if this is true - then let's leverage them for the thinking, feelings and behaviors we want to have. 

This first came to me when using my iPad for the first time for a wake-up alarm. I had a host of  sounds to choose from.  I selected a calming, pleasing sound that gently aroused me from my sleep. The music had such a comforting affect, causing me to feel good as I hopped in the shower to begin my day.

So I thought ...what a neat idea to create ringtones that have a more strategic, purposed use. 

Here are the 2 I have so far - one is free and one is .99.  Eventually they will all be just .99 from the site link you'll find below. Save the link and check back as I'll be adding more through-out the next few months.  

Additionally, I'll be adding other mp3s for purchase with inspiration and motivational themes.

Let me know what you think.  To your happiness and success! JoAnn

Currently available:

#1 The World is Waiting For You  - Wake-up ringtone - pleasing piano music

#2 Make Your Mark - Upbeat, Rythmic - Motivational

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