Sunday, April 21, 2013

Do 1 Thing Different - Track Your Value Daily

Do 1 Thing Different - April Series 

#5: Track Your Value - Daily

Can you believe the month is flying by so fast!  I started this series the beginning of the month!  We're now on idea #5 to "do one thing different."

As a reminder, t
his series is where you allow me to be your coach and ask you to consciously make changes that are easy and that you will notice.

Over the month, I've shared tips that if implemented could transform your month. I decided to claim the month of April as one in which you could commit to change - the 1% way.

This next one I believe is one of the coolest! - Track Your Value - Daily. I believe most employed intend to work hard, do their best and are super busy just trying get stuff done! In that, it's easy to loose track of what they are really doing in adding value to their team, department and company. 

Some don't even begin to do that until they construct a resume, but by that time a lot of valuable information is lost - a faded memory at best.  As a career coach I believe most people under-represent the complete picture of what they can bring to the table for 2 key reasons:
1. They leave their performance tracking to their manager and company.
2. Are not active in their own talent management and have no system or developed habit of tracking their own work experience.

All of this leads to not only not tracking, but thereby under-valuing their true and complete capabilities.

So what's the solution?  Start tracking what you're doing on a regular basis.  For my clients I suggest compiling and maintaining a personal/professional portfolio.  For this post, I simply recommend, writing a daily statement of something you've accomplished or how you've added value - even quantitate it in someway.

The key to daily is it becomes a habit and develops a way of assessing and becoming more conscious of your work experience.

I bet seeing the benefits of this activity is easy!  Can you imagine reviewing this over the course of a month? Could it build your confidence, your sense of competency? It can also be used for performance reviews. It's just such an important activity as a career management strategy.

And here's a bonus idea - if you're a manager, have your team do it for a month.  How could that help your team's collaboration?....sense of accomplishment? support and manager better?

Post your comments and let me know how it goes!  To your success!

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