Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do 1 Thing Different - April Series Recap

Can you believe the month is just about over?  I started this series the beginning of the month and we've gone through 5 ideas on how to make a change the 1% way -- ideas that are doable and can show tangible results.

As a reminder, this series is where you allow me to be your coach and ask you to consciously make a commit to change by doing 1 thing different (#do1thing).

Here are the 5 and links to each recapping the challenges presented through-out the month. They cover the range of time/productivity management, relationships and job performance:

1. Make things automatic - increase your productivity

2. Top of the hour touch base - stay in reality about time to manage it better

3. Change how you think about time - how you think is how you will behave

4. Listen more - talk less - it's amazing what you'll learn

5. Track your value daily - if not you'll forget


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Bonus Coaching Point - Start a "Do 1 Thing Different" campaign for your team, department or company!

Challenge your managers and use the book The 1% Edge Workbook for ideas.

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