Friday, May 3, 2013

Managing Overwhelm - A 21st Century Workplace Skill

I have a confession.  I get overwhelmed. Yep, the person that published a book about it -- conducted seminars all across the country on it gets overwhelmed.

I think the experience of overwhelm occurs periodically, in stages and can be situational.  For me right now it's the stage type.  My business is growing and that's great news. The challenge is I am feeling very stretched and realize I need to develop the ability to manage overwhelm better! I need to get better at it!...even 1% better would be helpful.

As my title suggests, these days I believe the ability to manage overwhelm well is a skill -- a capability essential for today's workplace!  Why does it matter you ask? Without doing so, you'll undermine:
  • ...your talent
  • ...skill development
  • ...sense of well being and health
  • ...your earning potential
  • ...and I'm sure you can think of more
  • ...takes the joy out of an otherwise enjoyable activity
In other words if you don't manage it successfully, it will hold you back from many things you'd like to accomplish and have in your life! So I'd like to offer a couple of resources in 2 categories.

The first is the ability to manage overwhelm in the moment.  For that I have the 6 minute learning video that will give you 4 easy steps to help you accomplish that.  I promise you -- if you practice these steps consistently, you will grow in your capability!

The second is managing it over the long term. This requires addressing your life and activities on a macro level. So I do recommend my book.  The book will help you pin point what areas need to be addressed to minimize being overwhelmed more holistically.  I will be posting a few supplemental articles to initially guide you towards that end.

For now enjoy the following video.

Source material: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - how to manage your time, space, & priorities, to work smart, get results & be happy -  Kindle - The Book - Nook Audio Book -  The Seminar => Remember it's also a seminar that can be brought to your organization.

To help you practice the steps -- here is a link to the transcript of this video  - click here

If you're a manager or HR professional, you'll want to read this complimentary post - 10 Ways To Help Employees Manage Overwhelm, which first appeared as a featured piece on the site Business Management Daily.

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