Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caring The Most - Your Professional Edge

A Key to Professional Success – Care The Most

Have you ever considered that “caring” could be considered a human resource? I certainly see it as such.

As I’ve traveled throughout North America for a number of years meeting thousands of employees from every sector of the economy, I have made many observations and heard many stories.  Those experiences have helped me draw some realistic conclusions about what qualities are necessary to be professionally and personally successful.

One of the qualities is that of caring. I have meet many people who care and many who don’t…and many in between.  I think there is a range, the lowest of which is apathy.  

Then there is the other end of the spectrum and that’s the caring of which I’m speak. This kind of caring is not just the average – run of the mill caring - but caring a lot…in fact caring the most
I’m talking about the kind of caring that moves you to action, to go above and beyond what’s comfortable, the kind in which you even surprise yourself!

It’s that kind of caring, I’ve observed, that causes people to be curious, to explore, pursue unlikely possibilities, push through difficulties, go the extra mile, lead where they otherwise wouldn't and in some cases even annoy other people (usually those that don’t care).

It’s those qualities that are also descriptive of those who are considered risk-takers, problem-solvers, helpful, interesting, energized and even inspiring.  

Additionally, if you were to read any literature on leadership, those qualities would most likely appear.  Interestingly, one doesn’t necessarily have to be an “official” leader to have them.  At closer inspection “leadership” in its purest form is not necessarily a title, but a behavior.  I bet you’ve run across a few people who hold the title of leader, but don’t act like one.

So where does professional success come in?  As a career coach and corporate trainer, I can tell you unequivocally that those who are the most successful possess and demonstrate those qualities, which I believe is rooted in the quality of caring.

So, my career advice for you today is to be the one that cares – the most. Have the kind of caring that is undeniable to yourself and others. Have the kind of caring that carries your career all the places you want to go!

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