Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Creative Reminder Tool - Low Tech High Results

A Creative Reminder Tool

Some of you may have heard of this or already do it, but I heard it recently I thought it was a cool idea.  Let’s save on the environment by using less paper.  What kind of paper? it notes.  Many people use them for reminders and have them posted every where.

Well here’s an environmentally friendly idea to use to replace some of those post-it notes – use your voicemail.  Call yourself to prompt yourself to remember things, whether at home or the office.

Additionally, many mobile devises these days have voice recorders that are not being utilized.  Find out if you have one.  Use the record function and save yourself some paper.  It’s tougher to loose the voice mail; much easier to lose a post- it note.

Also, if you use Google Voice (which I looooove) all your voicemails are automatically transcribed which is great if you need the text version.

Additionally, an added benefit of using a voice reminder?...saying it out loud will increase the probability  of remembering it anyway; your conscious and subconscious mind is listening and recording as well. It a low tech tool for high results!

This tip, by the way, is a great example of the 1% edge - a small thing that could help - even just a little bit and yet can make a big difference!

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