Monday, November 4, 2013

Employee Training - There's An App For That!

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The 1% Edge Portable Coach
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In case you didn't know -- affordable mobile learning aka employee training has arrived!

I intend to revolutionize employee training and development...putting it into the hands of those who really want to keep and maintain their professional edge!

Officially the APP is called The 1% Edge Portable Coach and is available on all smartphone platforms. You are invited to participate! You can search for it under that name or use the QR codes provided on the left columm. Or, for those via RSS feed here is the link: click here.

I recommend you download the app and when doing so make sure and say YES to the push notifications as that's part of the coaching experience. You will not be bombarded with messages - on average 1 every few days.

Why Did I Create The APP? - The Big Picture
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The companion website for the App: click here

This blog is based on this book. In it are actionable ideas on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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