Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Power Of Now in Time Management

Now is really the only time we have...

"I do believe that living our best life now is grounded in being aware of the opportunity for choosing in each moment."

You may be familiar with this phrase. Several years ago a book was released by Ekhart Tolle entitled The Power of Now. Interesting read I must say.

One of many takeaways from that book is thinking about the concept of “now.”…as opposed to earlier or later.

I think for many (and I’m including myself in this) we think in terms of what’s coming up vs. focusing on what’s happening at the moment primarily because we have so much going on. It might be described as partially functioning in the present while constantly anticipating the future. And because of that, we are rarely if ever all in the moment.

So if it’s even remotely true that we are rarely all in the moment, are we at our best in our moments? Can we give our best in a moment when we portioning part of ourselves out in anticipating the future?

Why does this matter? It matters because a moment is a segment of time. A moment turns into minutes, which turns into weeks, months, years….a life time.

Can we conclude then, that not maximizing our moments, giving our best in a moment undermines living our best life now? What a thought – the “nows” formulate a life time. Ah ha! That’s where that phrase, “being in the moment” comes from.

At this point, probably some questions on how can we live more in the moment are appropriate.

Should we….slow down, become more aware, focus on 1 task or event at a time?

One Additional Consideration
In order to accomplish any of this we need to consider another key element in living our best life now and that is choice. Each moment is presented with a choice. A choice is defined as “actively choosing.”  Each choice generates a result. Each result is a building block of our life.

By the way, conscious choosing is more empowering and we feel more of a sense of ownership to the results generated.

I also believe that in not doing that, some begin to feel and take on a disempowered victim role where they interpret life as happening to them rather than seeing themselves as participating in life and doing all they can.

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