Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is Being Overwhelmed an Issue in Employee Engagement?

I just saw this post today and it's certainly worth a read. With this premise in mind, I wanted to provide some additional resources. 

I've been acutely aware of this challenge for a number of years as I've traveled and taught professional development seminars through-out North America. It really surfaces during my workshop Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - how to manage your time, space, and stuff to work smart, get results and be happy. That workshop was so popular, I turned it into a book with an audio version.

Additionally, when the book was released it got great attention. Here's an article written for the Management Business Daily: 10 ways to help employees feel less overwhelmed

An Important Issue in This Discussion
I've learned that helping people manage time and approach their work differently does help. Here's the key: It's very important that a distinction is made between "I need to get better at working more effectively and efficiently" vs. "there is just practically too much work that is humanly possible to do and expected of me."

The reality is there is science behind productivity and time management. It dictates that there is only so much time in a day -- exactly 24 hours and it sure goes fast!  If we are expecting more from our staff and yet not giving the tools, training and resources to competently accomodate them, isn't that being a bit cruel?

If this describes your situation, you really need to consider bringing a workshop, series of webinars, or productivity coaching to your organization. Here's the link to learn more:

Here's information on the book:  Kindle - The Book - Nook - Audio Book -  The Seminar

This blog is based on this book. In it are actionable ideas on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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