Sunday, January 3, 2016

Are You Taking Advantage of the NEW In New Year?

A Simple Message to Begin the New Year - Practice The Power of New

I love the new year and one of the quotes I share in my seminars (which apparently is pretty popular) goes like this, "Don't let your past pollute your present or undermine your future." The beginning of the new year gives greater umph to that sentiment.

New is such a wonderful element of being human and a natural experience of nature. The new year can be about resetting or renewing in any area.

I simply want to start off this new year with the encouragement to take the "new" in New Year to heart. How will you implement the meaning of new? How will you start fresh...with yourself, with others?

The power of new could be used as a cleansing of the old, a de-cluttering and getting rid of and that could apply in your thinking, emotions, closets, work space, garage and dare I say even relationships.  Or it could be something as simple as a new look.

If you're a manager, can you use the power of new to reset team expectations, reset how you manage and relate to your staff?

While the feeling and time is here...let's leverage the power of new! It is simple and yet can be powerful and profound!

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