Tuesday, June 28, 2011

American's Choose Leisure Over Learning?

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There is recent article in the Wall Street Journal surrounding a survey taken on how Americans use their Time. The report reflected many observations including the fact that leisure is on the increase.

Here is the summary of the report: 
Americans are gaining more free time, but are devoting most of it to leisure rather than learning new skills or working out, according to a new government survey.

On average, Americans aged 15 or older spent about three hours and 58 minutes working on weekdays, according to the 2010 American Time Use Survey released Wednesday by the Labor Department. That was a six-minute decrease from 2009, and down 26 minutes from 2007, before the recession hit.

In its annual Time Use Survey, the Labor Department says Americans are working less, sleeping more and watching a lot of television. Joseph Light explains why.

According to the survey, that time has been allocated largely to leisure activities and sleep. In 2010, for example, Americans spent an average two hours and 31 minutes watching television on weekdays, up 5.4 minutes from 2007. They caught eight hours and 23 minutes of shut-eye per day, up more than five minutes from 2007.

When you read additional information in this article, many questions can be asked. This is a great example of the principle of 1% in the context of choosing how we use our time.

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Read full WSJ article here: 

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