Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reality Check - It's Mid Year - Really!

Mid Year - Inspiration - Time As A Motivator

It goes by so fast, right?

We've hit the mid-point of 2011, so you've got 6 months left.

Six months to create more.

Six months to share your message more broadly.

Six months to live more, achieve more, serve more, amplify your potential.

Then, BAM, it's 2012, and another year went and you must ask, "Did I really make this year COUNT?"

Well, I say it's time for all this caution and pause and fear-based thinking we see everywhere to STOP.

IT'S TIME to breathe life into the "make-it-happenness" that lives within us all.
It's your time to be more and have more.

Quick coaching tip: Stop! Take time out to assess your year so far? In my mid-year assessment I asked myself, "what habits do I need to develop to get the results I desire."

Source: Brendon Burchard's email - author of The Millionaire Messenger

This blog is based this book. In it are actionable idea on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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