Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of 1% - It Really Doesn't Take Much to Make Progress!

Can 1 tip make a difference or improve your bottom line or make a difference in your quality of life? YOU BET! You see, it doesn't take doing a lot.  Just doing a meaningful thing consistently.  This is the power of the 1%...focus on the 1.

I haven't posted much on the blog as of late as I've been trying to do final edits on my upcoming book.   The book is surrounding the themes of time and organizational management, getting results, and increasing productivity while reducing stress.

If you've ever wondered if bringing a seminar on site is worth the investment - would impact the bottom line consider the following:

One of the most popular workshops I teach across the country is Organizational Skills for the Overwhelmed. (I love that title!)

When I begin the workshop I usually go through a discussion of what the participants want to get out of the day.  One of the most popular needs it dealing with interruptions from other co-workers.

Though there are many ways to approach is, I give a 4 step process that is tactful, controlled and easy to implement.

As I've been teaching this, we've been calculating how time would be saved (or I say recaptured for reallocation) if this were implemented.  People are amazed when they do a calculation what that can translate into over a period of a month or even a quarter.

One participant in my class indicated he would not only recapture that time, but also help other team members save time as well.  But for the sake of the exercise, we just worked his numbers.

Ok, he indicated he would save on average 1 hour a day x 5 days in his work week = 5 hrs x 4 weeks = 20 hrs (that 2.5 days for the month)....over the course of 1 quarter? (20 hrs a mth x 3 mths = 60 hrs divided by an 8 hr. day = 7.5 days a quarter x 4 quarters in a year?....30 days..
.that's 1 work month and a week!!! Wow!!....just from him learning and implementing that 1 tip.

Realize...that is just for 1 person. Imagine the impact of this tip on an entire team? Let's say the same holds true for a team of 5 -  30 days x 5 team members =  150 days divided by 25 work days in a month = 5.2 months of time recaptured to direct towards other activities.

Wow! Think that's worth a 1 day seminar for a company?

Additionally, this affirms the premise of the the power of 1 and the 1% edge. It's doesn't take a lot of money and time to impact a company's bottom line and for employee training and development to positively impact company revenue.

So...do you want the tip?....here it is - 
Managing Interruptions

This blog is based this book. In it are actionable idea on being a better manager: The 1% Edge - The Workbook - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness

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