Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Brown Bag Friday
One of the easiest ways to gain your professional edge the 1% way is to add continuous learning to your lifestyle. Brown Bag Bites can help you do that. Below is the introduction.  If you wish to go right to the lesson where you can listen or read, just jump to the link below.

Today's Topic: Your Power Point - And I Don't Mean The Slides

Day in and day out, believe it or not, we have power points. Here’s what I mean. If you have a sheet of paper in front of you, I’d like for you to write out this equation: E=R=O. If you don’t have a sheet of paper, just write it out in your mind. Again, E=R=O. 

Here’s what they stand for: E is the event, R is our response or reaction to the event, and O is the outcome that is a result of our response or reaction to the event, E=R=O. You know, that’s a formula for how we live our life. 

Life happens, stuff happens. And consciously or unconsciously, we are responding and reacting, on a regular basis, to things that go on around us. And they result in outcomes. Some of those outcomes we like and some of those outcomes we don’t like. That formula is so important to be conscious of because if you want to have different outcomes, you’ll have to consciously determine different responses and reactions to various events. 

Click for the full lesson here:  Your Power Point

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