Monday, February 27, 2012

Can Your 1% Edge Be The Way You Dress? You Bet!

As a baby boomer, I grew up in the shadows of the popular book Dress For Success - (Link to the updated version:  John T. Molloy's New Dress for Success).

There was, "back in the day" a certain decorum for how you dressed and groomed in the workplace.  I hate to say it - but I must - dress still does matter! And yet, I get a lot of complaints from my fellow HR colleagues at the array of creative interview dress that passes through their doors.

So, I ran across this article and believe it's worth circulating. This is a 1% Edge principle in everyone's career management!

The New Rules on Dressing For Success
I have a number of super-successful Silicon Valley clients who dress in ripped denim, Vans shoes and t-shirts. They are worth hundreds of millions, even more, but it's a status symbol to dress like you're homeless to attend board meetings. Conversely, I have worked with trash-hauling company executives who dress in suits and ties every day of the week. And this contrast shows the dramatic shift that has occurred in business attire in recent years, as each industry has developed its own rules.

So how do you learn the rules? Back in the early 1990s, as a young exec, I read Dress for Success by John T. Molloy. It gave me a clear understanding of how to dress to impress. But the "business casual" dress movement has turned all of that book's ideas into quaint nostalgia. But fair or not, dress still has an impact on how you're seen. For sales people, especially, first impressions matter.

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